About the Owner

Joyce Duvall 

Hello; my name is Joyce Duvall and I welcome you to Chrisma Oils and Balms.  I have been creating anointing oils and balms since the year 2000, however the desire to blend the different scents began when I was a child.
 The Lord placed a call on my life from the time I was old enough to enjoy the fragrance of different flowers as they were blooming, especially the fragrant flowers that were in my grandma’s garden.  I would collect the different flower petals and crush them up to create a scented paste that I would rub on my face and hands. 
In 2000 as a result of a mission trip to Africa a young boy had a gapping hole in his leg and a pastor poured in a perfumed oil, something inside of me cried out is this right? Which put me on a quest for a year searching the Bible to see who healed, how they healed and what was used. As a result Exodus 30 Holy Consecration Oil was the first oil blended. This was how Chrisma Oils and Balms was birthed.
Every product that you see on our site has been devotedly and prayerfully created for its specific purpose under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit speaks to me in many ways, maybe through a dream or a conversation with a friend or through the word of God and He confirms what He is revealing to me pertaining to the creation of each new oil.
 May you be blessed and sense the presence of the Lord as you read about each of these products

Chrisma Partners

Glorious Creations

Jeanette Strauss author and owner of Glorious Creations. Joyce and Jeanette have been friends for over 20 years. Devoting their lives to the calling God has placed on their lives.